IN THE NEWS | Good Life Ranked #4 – Top Financial Planning Consultants

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Good Life is a growing network of financial professionals across the country, headquartered in Berks, who have decided to work as independent financial advisors. Our network of advisors offers comprehensive financial planning, insurance services, investment management, and retirement planning to 15,000 clients nationwide. We have offices in 30+ different states, supporting more than 150 independent advisors and insurance agents as well as 50 support staff.

What makes Good Life unique is we have redefined the advisor-client relationship. Everyone wants to live a good life, but some individuals and companies like Good Life Financial Advisors pursue the mantra, “The Good Life = Health & Wealth,” more avidly than others. The idea of constantly being one’s best self is the philosophy behind Good Life. The foundation is one of practicing mindfulness, mental/physical wellness and making sure Good Life Financial Advisors addresses the needs of the community first and foremost. This culture is the core of Good Life’s new corporate headquarters located in Cumru Township, scheduled to open in March 2018.

The company’s new headquarters feels more like a “Google” rather than a typical financial institution. Equipped with a wellness center and innovative designs, the new headquarters will embody healthy living. It is here where advisors will work with local schools to introduce financial literacy and technology will be leveraged in the client’s to help deliver on individual and businesses financial goals. We will provide community workshops on nutrition, fitness, and financial education to the Berks community and our multi-purpose room will be open to non-profits throughout Berks County.

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