IN THE NEWS | Commander In Commerce

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle COMMANDER-IN-COMMERCE NOVEMBER 22, 2016 “…“At the end of the day, everyone was saying that Trump is good for business: He is going to end the red tape. That is good for business.” Conor Delaney, CEO, Good Life Financial Group, Spring Township” – Reading Eagle

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IN THE NEWS | All About Clients’ Best Interests

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle All About Clients’ Best Interests NOVEMBER 8, 2016 “…Conor Delaney, 31, Spring Township, and Courtnie Nein, 30, Bern Township, founded Good Life Financial Group, Spring Township, in 2012 to promote a culture of service over a culture of sales. “The purpose of the rule is…

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PRESS RELEASE | Steven R. Jones

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 31, 2016 6+ Year Financial Services Industry Veteran Joins Good Life Advisors

 (Morehead City, NC)

– Steven Jones has affiliated with Good Life Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Pennsylvania. Steven brings with him more than 6 years of experience in the industry. Steven…

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