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Wyomissing, PA

Introducing The Good Life Companies

The Good Life Companies were founded in 2012 by Conor Delaney and Courtnie Nein. After spending a combined 10 years+ in the financial services industry, we craved a business model that aligned advisors with their clients and featured an objective and unbiased approach to financial planning. "Good Life" has deep meaning for us as well as anyone else associated with our organization. The hope was that in creating an environment where everybody wins, life will certainly be better for both the client and the network of affiliated advisors.

"Why is it acceptable to limit client strategies to what many advisors are able to sell?" 

"How can we help a family that is saving for college, retirement, or a vacation home with flexible and reasonable fees?"

"How can we figure out a way to do the right thing for the client, grow a business that employs people, and keep as much of the revenue in our respective community so that we can help our fellow people?"

"Finally, if we can lower the cost of doing business for the companies and families we work with and give the majority of the revenue back to our advisors and support staff, why don't we just do it?"

These are the thoughts that birthed The Good Life. At The Good Life, it's not a culture of sales but a culture of service. It's not a high turnover of clients and advisors but an environment where clients and advisors are respected... it's not just a financial services company, it's a movement and a way of life. 

Clients, expect more because you deserve more! Fellow advisors, share our passion and work for your clients all day, every day.

We look forward to you joining us and promise to do whatever we can to help you, as a client or as an advisor, feel the same gratification out of this life and profession that our team feels.

Carpe Diem,
Conor Delaney & Courtnie Nein
Managing Partners and Co-Founders